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Discussion group on alternative methods to iridium radiography (2C2A)

The AFIAP set up a discussion group in early 2012 dedicated to alternative methods to iridium radiography (GMA). This work group, which is supported by the authorities, includes manufacturers, operators, notified bodies and technical centres. The group’s aim is to facilitate the use of innovative NDT methods that might, in certain cases, replace iridium radiography (with more or less equivalent detection capabilities and in compliance with the construction standards for the equipment in question). The initial work is focusing on identifying the technical, normative, regulatory and human obstacles that hinder the use of these NDT methods. Feedback from the first users is also being analysed.

The GMA discussions will also make it possible to supplement the Alternatives to Iridium Radio for Pressure Equipment technical specifications published by the AFIAP in May 2011.

You can find the AFIAP guides on "AFIAP Guides" page.

October 2012 – The ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority) takes a position on gammagraphy
You can find the letter written by Jean-Christophe Niel, ASN director: “A reminder
concerning the regulations applicable to gammagraphy” in its entirety (with appendices)

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