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The French Association
for Pressure Equipment Engineers,
au service des industries
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The AFIAP is a not-for- profit association (based on the French 1901 Act) set up in 1976

by three foundingmembers: CETIM, IS and SNCT.

The Association is the favoured point of reference for the authorities, contractors, engineers,
constructors, inspection bodies, users and technical centres.

Nos actualités

Adhésion et annuaire

La campagne Adhésion AFIAP 2019 est désormais lancée, et l'annuaire 2019 est en cours de préparation.

Nous vous invitons à transmettre au secretariat vos éventuelles modifications (société, adresse, fonction, mail,...).

Pour plus de renseignement, merci de nous contacter au +33 (0)1 47 17 62 73 ou par mail

Nos actualités
Organisation & Action

Organisation & Projects



The Association is the point of reference for meetings and discussions between the relevant authorities, users, manufacturers, notified and authorised bodies, technical centres, the French Education Ministry, and so forth.

The Association, governed by the French Act of 1 July, 1901, is administered by a board of directors made up of members elected for . three years from among the individual members of the Association and representatives of all the relevant areas of activity. The Board elects a chairman, vice-chairmen and treasurer, who constitute the committee, from amongst its members on an annual basis. Some individuals are ex officio members of the board and committee. The chairmanship of the Association is proposed to a contractor representative and
manufacturer representative on an alternating basis.



Amongst the projects that the association undertakes are the following :

  • Organising several annual conferences for members and
    specialists in the profession to meet and exchange ideas as well as triennial European day conferences on technical information about pressure equipment.

  • Collaborating with French, European and international bodies that have shared or complementary points of interest with the Association as well as regularly circulating information on regulatory developments regarding pressure equipment, technology, research and study findings and the state of progress of standards and codes.

  • Organising work groups on technical subjects relating to
    pressure equipment with representatives from the different bodies that are members of the Association.

Nos objectifs
Our members
Nous contacter
Contact us

If you have any question or request, please fill this contact form

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Phone:  +33 (0)1 47 17 62 73

Fax: +33 (0)1 47 17 62 77

39-41 rue Louis Blanc

92400 Courbevoie

CS 30080 - 92038 La Défense Cedex 

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